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Youtube is difficult to watch sometimes with all the ads

First of all Relying on advertising to pay for your videos is Dead!

If you are trying to make money on YouTube there are some things you should know.

1. Youtube takes a 45% cut of your incredibly hard earned advertising revenue.

2. The Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) a further 38%.

3. leaving you with 17%.

4. So then you better accept you have about a 1 in 100 million chance of making it.

5. You need to be ready to tweak and optimize your videos so that the advertisers are getting enough real estate over your creation.

6. YouTubers are really glorified Advertisers.

And then there's more stuff you need to worry about like...

7. How many views will I get?

8. Cost per click (CPC)

9. Cost per view (CPV)

10. Pre-Roll ads

11. In-Search ads

12. In-Display ads

13. Third party Pre-Rolled ads.

14. You have to worry about all the people who are using Ad-Blocker which is up to nearly 30% of all internet users now.

15. You have to optimize your videos on Key Words that pay more.

16. You have to worry about contracts with Multi-Channel Networks (MCN).

Wouldn't it be nice to just concentrate on producing the best video you can for your audience and not have to worry about all that other noise and distractions. Well you can, just keep reading.

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The best video platforms To sell your content on...

There are actualy lots of different video platforms where you can upload your videos and get paid directly by the viewer for your content. Lets take a look and see what they each offer regarding services, fees, commission, premiums etc. is a free service to sign up to.

Shabingo charges you absolutely nothing. Zero commission is taken on your sales and no monthly or any ongoing charges apply. So the video uploader gets to keep 100% of their sales. Not bad heh?

People are shown a preview of your video and asked at the end if they want to watch the full Shabingo.

The cool thing about Shabingo is if you want to see the full video ...

You can either pay the nominal price or you can share the video on either facebook or twitter.

So you either get paid or your video is now shared into hundreds or possibly thousands of social media feeds from one click. Its realy a great way to go viral and get paid at the same time.


What gumroad does is it provides you with the tools to get paid for any digital content. So it could be e-books, images, videos etc. They provide you with the tools but do not provide you with any traffic. That is up to you. They charge 5% plus $0.25 per sale. It is good for using it in conjunction with your existing site.


Pivotshare allows you to create your own subscription video on demand channel. Again you have to get your own traffic. They take a commission of 30%


Vimeo lets you put a tip jar with your videos if you sign up to their on demand premium service which will cost you $199 plus 10% commission. Your account also has to be in good standing according to their guidelines.


StreamingVideosOnline allows you to sell videos online from your own website. Prices range from $15 per month up to $1299 per month.

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Give your followers a choice. Not cluttered up videos.

Sign up with Shabingo today. Its free!

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